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Our Ethos

Clean Pro enjoy a positive relationship with every client site and focus on developing long term site relationships that are mutually valuable to everyone. Regardless of the industry sector we operate in we believe that each client is unique and is entitled to a special high care service. Our cleaning operatives are trustworthy, loyal, friendly, hard working and respected.

We will always positively support clients, adapting ourselves to help their cleaning needs. We are very proud that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction and deliver 100% reliability (365 days a year!). We are a relatively small organisation with a powerful and determined professional focus. Without over complicating things we aim to deliver the best professional cleaning services at the best price.

Our value proposition is that as a well run smaller cleaning company, flat management structure, we care more and consistently deliver a high quality service at the best price.

If your business requires contract or one off cleaning services then Clean Pro is the partner for you.

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Our Passion for what we do is rendered in our Services

Close Business Relationships

We believe one of the reasons for our success is the close working relationship we have with all our customers.

Competitive Pricing

No matter what contract you have in place currently not only will we match it but we will also better it.

Quality Cleans & Inspections

We are obsessive about the regular high cleaning standards we deliver. You will receive consistent, reliable and high cleaning standards.

Speed Of Response

On the rare occasions when you may get problems, and we know in this service industry issues can occur, we will respond to resolve problems like no other competitor.

Health & Safety

We carry full business insurance and you’ll get vetted staff trained in health and safety, chemical use and highly motivated.

Industry Wide Service

We offer services across the industry delivering the same care, attention to detail and quality to all our customers large or small.

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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

 – Marie Kondo –

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