Our Service Operations

Dedicated Director Reviews

Regular monthly service satisfaction reviews with our operations Director provides you with peace of mind we are serious about looking after your needs. Quick decisions and actions can be taken.

Dedicated Supervisors

Controls all aspects of service, including periodics, work schedules, stock, H&S assessments, staff management, training records, weekly and monthly site quality evaluations & management reporting

Flat Support Structure

Our onsite cleaners report directly to the supervisor who reports directly to the Operations Director, This flat structure means our leadership stay close to our operations and everyone can communicate, make and take quick decisions and actions as required, No need to ring busy call centres, helpdesks or leave messages on answer phones.

Site Service Audits 

We perform regular (minimum weekly) monitoring and site assessments of cleaning standards which form the basis of our success. This includes staff appraisals, health and safety audits and risk assessments

Enabling Technology 

Our teams use smart phones over the cloud to capture site clean quality data. This improves our business process efficiency resulting in higher quality standards for our clients.


Whether you have an office, restaurant, public house, retail space, wedding venue, sports facility, gymnasium or an entire factory,  Clean Pro cater for all commercial cleaning jobs, big and small.

Clean Pro Portfolio Of Work

Industrial Pressure Washing

Clean Pro Professional Wooden Floor Cleaning Services

Hard Floor Maintenance

Clean Pro Professional office carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Clean Pro Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

Wash Room Cleaning

Clean Pro Professional Steam Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean Pro Professional Steam Cleaning

Commercial Dry Steam Cleaning Service

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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

 – Marie Kondo –

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