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We love what we do and we do it with care and passion

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Cleaning Operative
Clean Pro Professional Cleaners


Cleaning Operative

Slide "I've been with Clean Pro for nearly 8 years and I know we all share a passion to deliver great cleaniing. I love my customers and would never let then down" Clean Pro Professional Staff Slide "I have been cleaning bars and restaurants for many years and having an eye for detail I feel is so important. I've been at one customer for nearly 4 years and I enjoy making sure they are happy" Clean Pro Professional Staff Slide "My name is Faye and I am the area Supervisor. I love my job, company and customers. I perform and record weekly checks, regular audits and inspections and work to ensure we go the extra mile to deliver great cleaning" Clean Pro Professional Staff Slide "I have been cleaning offices for many years and I know my customers really well. I'm happy to adjust my cleaning routines to meet their daily needs as sometimes they have lots of conferences and outside visitors so lots of coffee mugs to clean up" Clean Pro Professional Staff
Clean Pro Professional Cleaners


Senior Cleaning Supervisor
Clean Pro Professional Cleaners


Cleaning Operative

Clean Pro was established in 2010 to offer businesses large and small peace of mind about ensuring their building cleaning is in safe hands. Trust goes a long way in business. Clean Pro has built up a strong reputation in the cleaning industry as a company businesses trust to deliver results. For businesses across the industry sectors there is one common need, the confidence in the goods and services they pay for. And that means having trust in your cleaning provider is essential. Businesses demand clean, hygienic and safe work environments so a cleaning company that truly cares about delivering what is promises without cutting corners, being unreliable or having poor health and safety procedures is essential. Clean Pro is business focused and creates strong valued partnerships by taking the hassle away from managing cleaning and related services. The Directors and Management team have over 11 years in the industry and have a proven track record of success. Please call us now if you want to improve your cleaning standards or would like a quote. We will come to meet you anytime.

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Our Passion for what we do is rendered in our Services

Speed Of Response

We know that in our service sector things may go wrong. On the rare occasions when there are problems to work around we will respond like no other. Our flat and highly responsive operation structure means we will fix issues promptly and to your satisfaction always.

Close & Trusted Client Relationships

We believe one of the reasons for our success is the close working relationship we have with all our clients. We are friendly, proactive and dedicated.

Quality Assurance

We care so much we will passionately work every day 365 days a year to ensure we provide you with the highest quality cleaning. Our 100% customer satisfaction track record proves this. Our robust quality management system will document and provide records of service delivery.

Health & Safety

We carry full business insurance, are SafeContractor accredited and you’ll get vetted staff trained in health and safety who are friendly, polite and highly motivated to deliver for you.

Competitive Pricing

No matter what contract you have in place currently not only will we match it but we will provide a better value for money service.

All Types Of Cleaning

We offer services to all types of buildings and sectors delivering the same care, attention to detail and quality to all our customers large or small.

Our Clients

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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

 – Marie Kondo –

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