Clean Pro have been cleaning my site for over 7 years and offer great cleaning at competitive pricing.They are very responsive. We get weekly inspections and quality management combined with good working relationship. We have a busy bar and late night venue so it can get messy. It’s great not to worry about the cleaning allowing me to focus on my core business serving my customers. Opening in the morning and knowing the site will be clean is great value to me.

Clean Pro Clean Yates Public Houses
General Manager
Yates, Sutton Coldfield

Operating a busy restaurant, bar and late night venue has its challenges. Site cleaning is a critical part of my operations and Clean Pro have been doing a great job for several years now. They have strong quality control, reliable and motivated cleaning staff who deliver well. Regular service review with the supervisor and Operations Director also help ensure we can adjust to any additional or new requirements. Our cleaning team are well trained, friendly and will always respond to any help or tasks I may require. We have a venue I and my customers are happy with.

Clean Pro Testimonials
General Manager - The Kilns
Stonegate Pubs Company

I am the operator of Hogarth’s Gin Palace. We needed a cleaning company who were responsive, agile and delivered what they promised. Clean Pro responded to our urgent need extremely quickly and where up and supporting us within 24 hours after making my call to them. Considerable investment has been made to our venue and so making the best impression to our customers if vital. Clean Pro ensure the site is very clean every day and if there are any issues or requests they are rectified very quickly. The cleaning team are courteous and helpful. We get regular inspections and meets with the Director to ensure we are always satisfied

Clean Pro Testimonials
Operations Director
Hogarth's Gin Palace

Our site cleaning has been performed by Clean Pro for a number of years and they have never missed a clean – 365 days a year! Cleaning standards are always good. If there are issues then they are very responsive. Good attention to detail and friendly caring service. Highly recommend them.

Clean Pro Clean Yates Public Houses
General Manager Yates, Newcastle Under Lyme
Stonegate Pubs Company

Running a busy Bar Restaurant means site cleaning is critical to get right. After all our customers have enjoyed themselves and left it’s vital we have the site thoroughly cleaned for the following day. Our customers demand and expect a clean and hygienic restaurant. Clean Pro have been providing a great clean service for many years. They are reliable, motivated and regularly holding inspections to ensure we are happy. If I need something more doing or have any issues the supervisor and site cleaner respond very quickly. Friendly and reliable service all the time.

General Manager, Hillyfields, Birmingham

We operate a commercial warehousing operation so providing a safe and clean environment to all our employees and visitors is important, Clean Pro provide an excellent cleaning service looking after our staff kitchen, offices, washrooms and general warehouse space. They are proactive, reliable and manage the service with little input from us. We trust them to deliver!

Clean Pro Testimonials
Sukhi Mondair
Director, Kaymans Apparel, Birmingham

PeopleServe were not satisfied with multiple and varying contract cleaning companies utilised at our Birmingham and Regional offices. We were receiving variable and poor clean standards and it was becoming difficult to manage all the offices to ensure high quality and consistent levels of cleaning. We were pleased to select Clean Pro Ltd as our preferred contract cleaning provider at all our key locations.  Clean-Pro were selected for a number of critical reasons. They were proactive, highly responsive and offered a passion for high quality clean management. They offered a unique customer care package.  I am also very pleased that PeopleServe now have a single point of contact to discuss any site needs and we can gain an overall contract clean management report covering all our sites…..

Clean Pro Testimonials
Financial Director - PeopleServe

As the General Manager a Premier Inn Hotel and Taybarns Restaurant, we demand high business standards for all our customer, visitors and staff. Cleaning standards in our Taybarns Restaurant is equally an important operational part of my business. We were not happy with our previous contract cleaners due to their lack off consistent quality cleaning, poor relationship and poor onsite regular inspections and responsiveness.  I am pleased to say we are now very happy with our new contract cleaners Clean-Pro. They offer an excellent service driven by their passion to support our business….

Clean Pro Testimonials
General Manager, Premier Inn and Taybarns Restaurant

Clean Pro has been our preferred cleaning contractor for over 8 years. They offer excellent office and interior building cleaning services to our large office. We have daily cleans and Clean Pro provides excellent reliability and consistency. They provide proactive and regular site audits and performance monitoring. A service level is based on a detailed site cleaning schedule which is regularly monitored and reviewed with rarely any issues. Any requests or issues are dealt with very quickly. Clean Pro provide full health and safety compliance and staff are friendly and cooperative, always going the extra mile. We have high trust in Clean Pro and the cleaning team and would recommend their services to others.

Clean Pro Testimonials
Marks & Clerk LLP
Global HQ Patent Attorneys
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