Clean Pro Professional Steam Cleaning

Excellent for use in the following areas

  • Kitchens and canteens
  • Surgery and treatment rooms
  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Wall and floor tiled surfaces
  • Non slip floor areas
  • Shower areas

Commercial Dry Steam Cleaning Service

Sanitisation with Dry Steam Cleaning

All sectors we work in can benefit in our chemical-free dry steam cleaning. There are many applications for its use. With dry steam technology the highest cleaning results are achieved and maintained, making it ideal for use in most environments.

The Benefits of Dry Steam Cleaning

  • Heat over 248 F (120 C ) destroys and eliminates microorganisms including those in difficult and hard to see locations. Use of temperature eliminates the possibility of bacteria developing resistance to chemicals.
  • Heated surfaces dry quickly leaving them ready for use
  • Heat melts oils and greases making them easy to remove from equipment.
  • Although the discharge temperature is high its low moisture content eliminates any burn or scald hazard for operators or staff
  • Steam is a natural source using just clean water to create a powerful high pressurised cleaning force
  • Attacks dirt at high temperatures dissolving grease and kills all germs and viruses in an instant
  • Dry steam is extremely versatile and can be used on practically any surface, whether hard, soft or porous, and in a variety of sectors and applications
  • Deodorises and sanitises all surfaces it touches penetrating cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach areas
  • Leaves no toxic residues on surfaces and won’t mark or stain
  • Totally environmentally friendly and chemical free

We can offer one off cleaning jobs as well as ongoing regular planned scheduled cleaning.

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